iMac G3 – Clariza

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

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As you can see this is the Snow model of iMac G3 from summer 2001. An eleven years old CRT, awesome! It does have some issues with blurry screen, the top inch of the screen is a bit out of focus but I tinkered with the flyback transformer and made it just barely noticable. The best thing about this beauty isn’t that it came with pre-installed Tiger, a super quiet, big, hard drive and acceptable RAM, but it’s that I got it absolutely free. I didn’t even pay for shipping costs. So that was needless to say a big day for me when it arrived. I call it Clariza in my network because that’s the name it came with.

I have installed OS 9 on it since I was really curious on how the OS has aged since I last used it and after all – this particular iMac came loaded with that OS. After some fiddling around with old update files I got it up to 9.2.2 and everything works great. I had to transfer my Airport card over to my Sawtooth instead so this one now has an ethernet cable plugged in. It’s quite the overkill to have 25Mbit/s when it seems it can not handle much more than 3-4Mbit/s (I checked with different online broadband tests) but what can you do? I also had to switch out a 512MB stick of RAM for a 256MB so now I only have 768MB in total but that’s easy and cheap to change.

I haven’t got so many apps for it right now but I’m currently searching the web for awesome old applications that are compatible with the OS, so the list will probably grow with time. It’s entertaining just to look through old archives of long dead applications but it’s also a feeling of victory when I find just the stuff I’m looking for. Great fun!

All specs in screenshots.

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Current to do list:
* Max out the RAM
* Get original keyboard and “puck” mouse

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Welcome to My Apple Collection!

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

This is my first post on this ever so humble blog about my collection of Apple products. I am only focusing on the systems that aren’t intel based and therefore there will be no new expensive macs on display here in any foreseeable future. I will try to get things started as soon as possible and adding gems from my collection along with screenshots and other eye candy.