iPod Classic

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

(Click on the thumbnail for larger image!)

So, why did I get this iPod when I already have an iPod Touch 4G? Well, to be honest, I really bought the Touch to be able to play the games in App Store. It’s a bit too expensive and fragile to be laying around in my pockets even with protection. And with a mere 8 GB of storage my mp3 collection doesn’t fit. Thus, enter the iPod Classic! With 80 GB of storage it takes all of my mp3’s and can automatically sync with my library everytime it charges to get the newest songs as well. Plus, it’s already used and scratched which makes it easier to just drop it down one of my pockets like I didn’t care. I bought it for a bit over 30 dollars which makes it, for me, really really cheap and therefore I’m very happy about this purchase.
The problem this particular iPod had was a headphone jack that didn’t connect properly and the music only came out to one ear but a little bit of careful bending with a needle fixed that right up and now it works like a charm.

Firmware 1.1.2

Read more about this model at EveryMac.com!


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