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Apple Cinema Display HD 23″

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

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This, my friends, is why I bought the forementioned Power Mac G5. I got this Apple Cinema Display HD for practically nothing! Sure, there are two problematic pixels (in the edges of the screen thankfully) and the stand isn’t adjustable (that is no fault by the way, that’s how they were made) but it really is a beautiful display. I like the fact that I can power on my computer by touching the bottom right corner of the screenframe – no more bending down to the floor!


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Power Mac G5 – Coraline Jr

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

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And so, my very first Power Mac G5 found its way to me. This is not going to be my main G5 machine and there’s a couple of reasons why. First off, it has 1,8GHz processors. Yes, it’s dual, but it still isn’t what I wanted – which is 2GHz. Furthermore it didn’t have a harddrive and therefore no OS – and it got seriously damaged (it’s all in the photos) in the shipping due to a… from lack of a better word crappy delivery service. But with this package, and now we’re closing in on the main reason why I bought this, came a 23 inch HD Apple Cinema Display – which I will cover in a later post. Together, these two items costed me a total of 800 swedish crowns, postage included, which would be equivalent to around $115. I don’t know how this fairs in other parts of the world but with the current prices here in Sweden that is a downright steal. I’m very pleased with this, even though the case on the G5 got smashed pretty bad. I put my old hard drive that was running Leopard in my iMac G5 into the Power Mac G5 (now named Coraline Jr since it’s pretty much the same computer due to the plain switch of hard drive/content), expanded the RAM to 2GB and hooked it up. It runs great. But yeah, I have another G5 coming in very soon that’s pretty much more bad ass than this one on every level – which will be my main mac computer.

Dual G5 1.8GHz
nVidia GeForce FX 5200 64MB

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Current to do list:
* Figure out why two of my 1GB sticks of RAM only reads as 512MB each DONE!
* Try to fix the broken optical drive hatch (it stays down once opened) DONE!
* Add internal bluetooth (is it maybe possible to use the internal bluetooth module from my iMac G5?)

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