Power Mac G4 – Gizmo

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

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Everybody, meet Gizmo! Gizmo, meet everybody! Now this one is interesting. I bought it for $30 and didn’t have to pay for shipping since the seller lived in my town. It came with 512MB of RAM, a standard 27GB hard drive that surely had seen better days and two extra USB slots on the back which made it a total of four. The first thing I did was to install maximum RAM, which is 2GB, and took out the hard drive. It was noisy and slow beyond acceptance – so I replaced it with a fast and quiet 120GB hard drive that previously sat in a classic Xbox. Since this is the only old Mac I own at this time that can handle more than one hard drive (the iMac G3 has place for only one) I also use it for when I get new hard drives that needs to be formatted or something along the lines of being prepared with OS X. I know that I could have bought a dual 1.42 GHz MDD with bluetooth, airport extreme and so on (a.k.a. the fancy pants option) for just a few bucks more but I didn’t get this computer for real work and prestanda, I bought it strictly for nostalgic values.

Speaking of OS X this Sawtooth is now running 10.4.11, Tiger that is, with absolute ease – and I have even taken the time to pimp the interface a bit. I didn’t want to buy ShapeShifter or any other third party application that costed money so what I did was use small freeware apps to just change the dock and the menu bar to being transparent – and that’s it. I then manually switched most of the folder icons and took the brushed aluminium look away to make it look really similar to Leopard. It’s not that I don’t like the look of Tiger, it’s a fantastic OS, but if I get an idea in my head I must try it.

All specs in screenshots.

(Click on the thumbnails for larger images!)

Current to do list:
* Take the airport card out and make it hook up through ethernet cable DONE!
* Get external speakers
* Install front USB (Is it even possible?)

Read more about this model on EveryMac.com!


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