iMac G5 – Coraline

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

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This was the first Apple product I ever bought. I immediately fell in love with the look of it and I just had to get one – that immediately was given the name Coraline. I went with the large model, 20″ screen, a 1.8GHz processor and ample of storage space. It came pre-installed with Leopard and ran like a dream. It did most of the things I wanted and were always very quiet. And then one day it started to behave strange. The graphics couldn’t keep track of the colors and the startup disk was often lost during reboot. The disk repair application warned me about several serious problems with permissions, the structure of the hard drive and other things that I then tried to repair without any luck. I’d heard of blown capacitors and how this model was prone for trouble like that so I opened the case up in search of just these problems and found… nothing. Absolutely nothing. So I still don’t know to this day what is wrong with it, but I’d say a lot.

Since the hard drive showed so many signs of problems I switched it out for a brand new 500GB one and did a fresh install of Leopard. The computer then worked hassle free for a week or two before going back to the old problems and eventually died on me. The logic board must have some serious faults and the graphic card is probably also kind of screwed.. But it’s to expensive to fix considering how little I have to gain from restoring it. If it’s something we mac users know, it’s that the iMac G5 is a pain in the backside when it comes to reliability.

20″ matte display, 1680×1050
G5 1.8GHz
nVidia GeForce FX 5200 64MB (not sure about the memory on the card)

Current to do list:
* Apply new thermal compoundĀ  DONE!
* Format and re-install Leopard a third time DONE!
* Try with older OS DONE!
* Maybe ask a friend to check the logic board

Read more about this model on!


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